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In this edition of FORESIGHT Climate and Energy we set the record straight on what an increase in electrification and variable renewables in the grid actually means in terms of flexibility, where gas fits into the energy transition, and why companies need to take action on climate risk.

The energy transformation is a monumental challenge and progress everywhere is still far too slow if the global temperature rise is to be kept to below levels agreed in the international climate deal signed in Paris in 2015.

With this in mind, we encourage even those at the forefront of the transformation to look outside their borders for inspiration. We trust that FORESIGHT will spark conversations and galvanise action for change.


Devoting an entire issue of FORESIGHT Climate & Energy to the subject of electricity storage in grid networks might seem like overkill, but the more evidence we unearthed about the role of storage, the more we saw an urgent need to set the record straight.
Electricity storage, it turns out, is no more essential for reliable supplies of electricity from a power system based on variable sources of renewable energy, like wind and solar, than for a system based on fossil fuels and nuclear power.

FORESIGHT examines the complex case for electricity storage in power systems in its latest issue. We trust you’ll enjoy this readable walk, undertaken with a cool head through a hot topic of our times.


Using less energy to create each unit of economic wealth is one of the fastest and cheapest ways of bringing down CO2 emissions. For every dollar invested in energy-saving technology the return is two to four dollars. Yet the rich rewards of energy efficiency remain a largely hidden opportunity.

The Summer / Autumn 2017 issue of FORESIGHT Climate & Energy takes a good hard look at why investment in energy efficiency is such a hard sell and what needs to be done to unleash the enormous potential of a global business sector just waiting for take-off.


The business case for renewable energy is under pressure, threatened by its own success. The more wind and solar electricity on the grid, the less its monetary value and the greater the risk that it gets thrown away. Poor market design is to blame.

Renewable energy is being forced into cannibalising its own tail by wholesale electricity markets that were shaped in a bygone era for technologies that have had their day.

In this issue of FORESIGHT Climate & Energy we go in search of a cure for renewables cannibalisation. Readers are taken on a journey through the next major challenge of the energy transition: how to design well functioning electricity markets for a future in which renewable energy is affordable, reliable and provides all our baseload power. The key lies in advanced management of a far larger, better integrated and more flexible energy system than the one we have today