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Electrification for Decarbonisation. Special Issue, December 2020

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FORESIGHT Climate & Energy is the exclusive media partner for the Electrification track of the Power4Climate Insights Stage at WindEnergy Hamburg 2020. Our special issue on green electrification will be launched at the event on December 1, 2020.

Electrification for Decarbonisation: FORESIGHT Special Issue

Weaning the world off fossil fuels requires an all-electric world that gets its energy from clean, renewable sources. Electrification of building use, industrial processes and our means of transport is what lies ahead. No longer must fossil fuels be burned to provide energy for heat and manufacturing processes, or to propel airplanes, ships and vehicles. Where electricity cannot do the job directly, it can be used to create fuels that burn without emitting harmful bi-products.

FORESIGHT Climate & Energy digs into the details of what electrification means for homes, industry, transport and the economy; into how power systems will rapidly evolve to serve the new demand; and looks at where electrification is already helping bring down emissions. We will also identify the barriers to electrification and what governments must do to make it happen. Meanwhile, our cities and buildings will need to become smarter and more interconnected. New and more energy efficient ways of powering transit within and between our metropolitan areas must be adopted.

The four big steps

Stories will be told about specific activities that illustrate how to go about green electrification in four main steps. Our stories will tell the tales of working examples from around the world that illustrate how to electrify energy use and the cost of doing so.

Step one: 

Hugely ramp up the provision of renewable energy and rapidly build-out a fit-for-purpose electricity grid that can enable the development of ever-more flexible power systems. 

Step two: 

Electrify space heating in buildings (public, business and private), partly by making cooling of buildings far more energy efficient, freeing up electricity for heating and other purposes.

Step three: 

Speed up the electrification of transport, including regulating a market for hydrogen fuel cells, with the hydrogen separated from water using electrolysis powered by renewables generation dedicated for that purpose.

Step four:

Electrify industrial processes reliant on combustion of fossil fuel today, the hardest nut of all to crack.

Publishing dates

Decarbonisation for Electrification special issue magazine: 1 December 2020.
Special focus on electrification on December 2020 and January 2021   

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To succeed in the global energy transition we need objective, independent and in-depth journalism on solutions and barriers in policy, business models and clean technology. FORESIGHT Climate & Energy is one of the leaders in  this field of journalism and we are proud to have them as one of our partners for the #climatefirst conference at WindEnergy Hamburg.

Together, WindEurope and FORESIGHT Climate & Energy will shape a forum where international experts from different sectors and industries come together to explore the topic of electrification, which is one of the key issues to be tackled, if we want to succeed with the energy transition.

Malgosia Bartosik,
Deputy CEO, Wind Europe

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