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Imagine a world of good health

Policies to curb NCDs need to consider broader environment for good health
10 min.

Contagion of a social kind

Non-communicable diseases and their risk factors seem to be common among certain groups of friends and families. Genetic reasons aside, the concepts of social contagion, shared spaces and a tendency for similar people to associate (known as homophily), might explain why these diseases appear to be more infectious than their name suggests
10 min.

Coronavirus could spur reforms to improve health of city dwellers

The number of people living in cities is projected to rise from 55 % to 68 % of the world’s population by 2050, according to the United Nations. Strong leadership and multi-sectoral planning can make our cities far healthier for human habitation
7 min.

The promise and challenge of health tech

Can information technology save the world from the rising burden of ill-health? And can personal data be guarded with sufficient vigilance for people to put their trust in the authorities to handle it with due responsibility? There are no easy answers
5 min.

Opinion: Digital health care can bring fairer access for all

Katie Dain is CEO of the NCD Alliance, a global public health lobby. Lobna Salem, MD, MSc, MBA, is the group's chief medical officer for developed markets
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