Health Finance

10 min.

Small-scale health insurance for a more secure future

Microinsurance has the potential to complement national health insurance schemes and offer affordable health care, but several obstacles continue to challenge scale-up of the insurance model. By Paul Adepoju
5 min.

Can blockchain unblock NCD funding solutions?

Innovative funding strategies like blockchain could be the unexpected remedy to NCD financing solutions. By Andrea Feigl
6 min.

Investing in chronic care: Sustainable financing models for type 1 diabetes

A hundred years after the discovery of insulin, children still die from diabetes, especially in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs). What do we need to ensure access and affordability of type 1 diabetes treatment? By Ann-Lise Mikolajczak
4 min

Increasing risk factors hurt economic growth

NCDs cost millions of wasted work years that preventative care could have saved. What would the economics of good health look like?
12 min

Make the link between chronic disease and economic output

Non-communicable diseases (NCDs) have been deprioritised in the face of the Covid pandemic, but what will follow is a surge in chronic health cases and along with it, enormous pressures on health care and economic systems. By Paul Adepoju
8 min.

Community health workers key to cost-effective prevention

Local health care workers will play a critical role in providing affordable preventive care. By Devang Vussonji and Heri Marwa
7 min.

Building Back Better: Investing in healthy populations and resilient health systems for NCDs and mental health to be better prepared for future crises

An open letter from Todd Harper, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Henrietta Fore & Dag-Inge Ulstein
10 min.

Blended finance solutions to the NCD funding gap

Funding for non-communicable disease care doesn’t match the need, but blended finance is a promising opportunity. By Thomas Roades & Andrea Feigl