FORESIGHT Global Health is the essential read on prevention and control of non-communicable diseases through transformation of health systems worldwide

Each year, non-communicable diseases (NCDs) shorten the lives of 15 million people in the prime of their lives. As a result, the steady rise in global life expectancy is slowing, or even reversing in some countries. There is an imminent and urgent need to address NCDs, but they are misunderstood, under-prioritised and underestimated; and, consequently, under-prevented, under-diagnosed and under-treated. The lack of attention to the NCD health crisis is not for lack of ideas of what to do about it.

Despite the topic having advanced in the global health agenda over the past decade, there has been little sustained effort to develop the comprehensive policies necessary to combat the manifold causes of NCDs. The structure of health systems today is no longer fit for purpose.

FORESIGHT Global Health aims to contribute to knowledge-sharing and solution building across sectors. The magazine, with its focus on the intersection between in-depth health insights and socioeconomic research, is intended as the journalistic platform for thought leadership and dialogue on NCDs.


FORESIGHT Global Health is the essential read on prevention and control of non-communicable diseases through transformation of health systems worldwide. Led by our editor in Nottingham, our international network of expert journalists and writers report on what really matters, without fear or favour.

Our content is intelligent, knowledgeable, and designed to be visually appealing, digitally and in print. We focus on the multidimensional causes and effects of NCDs, as well as solutions for tackling them across sectors and disciplines.

We publish top quality in-depth articles and expert opinions on our website, and a high quality magazine twice a year that is focused on a specific theme.

Our readers consist of the various health experts, decision-makers and implementers who shape the health sector and who need multidisciplinary insights to inform their decisions and coordinated efforts which are, or will be, transforming for how health systems prevent and respond to NCDs.

FORESIGHT Global Health is produced by FORESIGHT Media Group, a producer of high-end magazines since 2011, and Dalberg Media, a global mission-driven communications and experience consultancy founded in 2015. The FORESIGHT stable includes FORESIGHT Climate & Energy, a renowned energy transition publication.

Editorial team 

Editor Andrea Chipman has worked as a freelance journalist since 2004 and is based in Nottingham, England. She has written about healthcare, business and science policy for a range of publications including the Economist Intelligence Unit, the Wall Street Journal and Nature Magazine. She previously spent eight years as a financial reporter for Dow
Jones Newswires, working in New York, Moscow and London. She was educated at
Columbia University and Oxford University.

Ben Hirschler has reported extensively on global healthcare issues over the past two decades. He was the global pharmaceuticals correspondent at Reuters for many years, after previously working as a foreign correspondent for the news agency in Johannesburg and Amsterdam. He is now a freelance writer and consultant, based in London.

Becky McCall is a journalist specialising in medicine and public health. As a freelance, she writes for both medical and consumer press, recently including FORESIGHT Global Health,, The Lancet, The Times and the Mail on Sunday. She has been a guest, and presented on various TV and radio shows, and is also studying for a PhD in antibiotic resistance at University College London (UCL). She has two young children and lives in Buckinghamshire, UK.  

Jo Waters is an award-winning health and medical journalist based in London.She has been writing for UK national newspapers, consumer magazines and specialist medical titles for 30 years. She is a regular contributor to the Daily Mail’s weekly Good Health section, a former chair of the Guild of Health Writers and the author of three health books.

Danny Buckland is an award-winning journalist who writes about health for major national newspapers, European magazines and online publications. His work concentrates strongly on the role of technology in recalibrating the future of healthcare across prevention, diagnosis, treatment and system delivery. Danny Buckland is based in London but travels extensively on journalistic assignments and to attend health congresses.

Christine Michael is a freelance journalist, based in the UK. Christine specialises in writing about obesity and associated NCDs, especially Type 2 diabetes. She is a former editor of Slimming World Magazine and WW UK Magazine and works on editorial strategy and content for healthcare companies and diabetes charities. 

Editorial Director Lyn Harrison is a UK trained journalist (qualified 1978) with several years of newspaper and public relations experience, also as a long-time business magazine owner and editor. Passionate about maintaining and furthering the science and art of excellent journalism, Lyn applies her 35 years of editing experience to mentoring writers and editors working for the FORESIGHT range of publications and applying finishing touches to stories in the pre-press process.

Art Director Trine Natskår has worked in graphic design and illustration for ten years as a part of a team at Egmont Publishing and independently running her own studio. In recent years, she has worked as an art director for a variety of magazines, including FORESIGHT Global Health and FORESIGHT Climate & Energy, leading the creation of the magazine’s visual identity. 

The printed magazine 

Loyal to our belief in print, we also publish a high quality magazine twice a year containing in-depth articles, original artwork and beautifully shot photo essays. 

The tightening grip of climate change

At the critical juncture of human and planetary health.

On the steps of recovery

Exploring landmark medical discoveries, and the challenges of ensuring fair and equitable access to their impact.

The heavy burden of poor health

Non-communicable diseases, obesity and the covid-19 impetus for building better health systems

All articles published by FORESIGHT Global Health will:

Be relevant to transforming health systems to aid the prevention and treatment of non-communicable diseases and to improve care of people with NCDs

Respond with a solution or partial answer to a challenge or barrier slowing the transformation of health systems

Set the agenda for the next steps to be taken by decision makers in government, business, international bodies and civil society to transform health systems for better prevention and control of NCDs

Be fair, accurate, clarify complex issues and be well written and understandable

Consist of original content

Be rigorously fact-checked and professionally edited

Disclaimer: FORESIGHT Global Health is independent of outside economic and political interests and assumes no responsibility for advertising material. Content from the publication may not be reproduced, distributed or stored in any form without the publisher’s written permission. FORESIGHT Global Health is a trademark of FORESIGHT Media Group.